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Chủ điểm Food & Cooking thường khá phổ biến trong phần Speaking Part 1. Các câu hỏi thuộc chủ điểm này thường xoay quanh việc hỏi bạn thích món gì, những món ăn như thế nào, hoặc hỏi sâu xa hơn về nền ẩm thực của một quốc gia nào đó …

Từ vựng cần ghi nhớ

Chúng ta cùng xem Sample Answers dưới đây về một số câu hỏi thuộc chủ điểm Food & Cooking và rút ra những từ vựng cần nhớ.

1. Have you ever tried foreign food?

As a foodie, of course I have tasted different kinds of food, and imported beverages are no exception. My top two favorites are Italian pizza and Taiwanese bubble milk tea, which are considered the most popular among Vietnamese youngsters.

2. Do you like to try new food?

I’m all about experiencing new things, but new foods are off limit. I mean, there are a number of foods that can literally haunt me for life. For example, Mam Tom, which is a type of stinky and pungent shrimp paste used in many Vietnamese dishes, is a kind of food that really puts me off.

3. What kinds of new foods have you tried recently?

Recently I’ve been thinking about healthy eating, so I’ve tried my best to find a snack that is both scrumptious and low-carb. And finally I found Sua Chua Nep Cam, which is a mixture of brown glutinous rice and unsweetened yogurt. I have eaten this on a daily basis, and now I’ve lost 2kg.

4. Do you like any food from other countries near Vietnam?

Of course I do. I have a profound passion for Chinese cuisine as I have spent some time in this country. I can spend hours drooling over Beijing roasted duck and Guangzhou homemade noodles. Whenever I’ve got the munchies, I just daydream about feasting on these incredible dishes.

foodie/ˈfuːdi/người sành ăn
imported beverages/ɪmˈpɔːtɪd ˈbɛv(ə)rɪdʒ/thức uống nhập khẩu
haunt/hɔːnt/ám ảnh
put off/ˈpʌt ɒf/làm (ai đó) phát ớn
scrumptious/ˈskrʌm(p)ʃəs/ngon miệng
unsweetened/ʌnˈswiːt(ə)nd/không đường
drool over/druːl ˈəʊvə/chảy dãi
get the munchies/ɡɛt ðə mʌntʃɪz/đói bụng
daydream/ˈdeɪdriːm/mơ màng (giữa ban ngày)
feast on/fiːst ɒn/ăn thoả thích

5. Do you like to cook?

Not really, to be honest. Most of the time I eat ready meals and take-aways, that’s one of the reasons I love visiting my mum because I can always enjoy lovely home-cooked food.

6. Do you think cooking is a pleasure or a chore for people who have busy lives?

No, I don’t think so. Cooking for other people is a particular pleasure, but for people who have time only. I guess there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people you love tucking into something you’ve cooked yourself.

7. What time do you usually eat dinner?

We have our main meal at around 7.00, which I’m usually starving hungry by then. In fact, I often grab a bite to eat as soon as I get home from school.

8. Will you change your diet habit?

Yes, I’d like to make some changes. I actually eat too much junk food, which really makes me fat and unhealthy. In the future, I think I should learn how to

cook by myself so that I could make healthy and delicious food at home.

9. What do you enjoy the most about a meal?

Well, it is undoubtedly the dessert. I have a sweet tooth, that’s why I always look forward to a piece of cake or a fruit tart after having my meal. I often spay a big layer of whipping cream on my dessert, as it makes the dish look way more mouth-watering.

ready meal/ˈrɛdi miːl/bữa ăn mua sẵn
take-away/teɪk əˈweɪ/thức ăn mua mang về
home-cooked food/həʊm kʊkt fuːd/đồ ăn nấu tại nhà
tuck into/tʌk ɪntʊ/ăn uống ngon lành
starving hungry/ˈstɑːvɪŋ hʌŋɡri/rất đói
grab a bite to eat/ɡrab ə bʌɪt tə iːt/ăn tạm
junk food/dʒʌŋk fuːd/đồ ăn vặt
dessert/dɪˈzəːt/món tráng miệng
have a sweet tooth/hav ə swiːt tuːθ/thích ăn vặt
mouth-watering/maʊθ wɔːtərɪŋ/(món ăn) làm chảy nước miếng

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